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#BornToBeFree can be seen on #Netflix in the US & Canada:

This is such an important, eye-opening film exposing the reprehensible cruelty happening in #Russia during and after the wild capture of #blackfish, #dolphins and whales

A huge Thank You goes out to all the people who contributed to the making of this important documentary.

so much love



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2 Dolphins Lie At The Back Of The Harlequin Bridge. The Day Before, Fishermen From The Same Trawler Told A Journalist From New York Times, Thanks To Pingers “Acoustic Repellents” No Dolphins Were Captured in Nets..▼



Greedy Humans & Value


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Currently, shark ecotourism brings in $314 million annually worldwide, and this sector is expected to continue growing. Surges in shark tourism are particularly evident in the Caribbean and Australia, the researchers said.

“That figure is projected to double to over $700 million per year within the next 20 years,” Cisneros-Montemayor told LiveScience.

In comparison, the landed market value (which refers to the market value of goods on the day they are offloaded from a vessel) of shark fisheries around the globe is $630 million per year, but has been in decline over the past 10 to 15 years, the researchers said. [On the Brink: A Gallery of Wild Sharks]

Approximately 38 million sharks are killed each year to meet the demands of the controversial shark fin industry, which uses the fins to make shark fin soup, a dish that is considered a delicacy in some Asian countries. Sharks are often thrown back into the ocean to die after their fins have been removed.

But, there are other important reasons to promote shark conservation beyond economics, Cisneros-Montemayor said. For one, sharks play a vital role in the ecosystem of the oceans.

“Studies have found that if you remove top predators, like sharks, you change the structure of the ecosystem itself,” he explained. “This significantly changes the ecosystem, and it puts you in danger of all kinds of bad things happening.”






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Sharks Fin Soup Bans Don’t Stop Strong Demand

Strong demand for Shark Fin Soup is pissing people off and if Asian restaurant owners don’t wake up to why,THE WORLD WILL REFUSE TO EAT in their restaurants..period.


heck out @Anon4dolphin’s Tweet:


AHDs Saving Dolphins


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The devices have also been employed to keep marine mammals away from fishing nets.[2] The devices are known as acoustic harassment devices (AHDs) and acoustic deterrent devices, which are smaller AHDs[3] or intended as an awareness tool to warn away species


Operation Dolphin ByCatch: France’s Atlantic Coast


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Operation Dolphin ByCatch
Operation Dolphin ByCatch: France’s Atlantic Coast

Launched in February with Sea Shepherd France and the M/Y Sam Simon, our dolphin defense campaign exposes the thousands of dolphins killed by commercial fishing vessels each year in the Bay of Biscay. Our goal is to put pressure on the French government to require fisheries observers on all commercial fishing vessels, enforce the accurate reporting of bycatch, and ban fishing practices that contribute to these needless bycatch casualties threatening the very existence of dolphins on France’s Atlantic Coast.