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Both krill and shrimp are threatened. The primary danger to shrimp is overfishing; however, they are also losing habitat to drilling, oil spills and pollution. Krill stocks have declined by large numbers in the Antarctic, as ice loss removes the major food source of ice algae. As krill stocks in the Antarctic disappear, there is concern about the impact on the other animals relying on krill for nutrition. National Geographic notes that without krill, many forms of Antarctic life would disappear.

  The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are popular for their profound ability to supercharge your brain by improving brainpower and sustaining better brain health.

DHA and EPA are equally important in the building of the nerves in your brain and in maintaining and protecting the nerve functions. They may also increase your brainpower and make you happier.

 Moringa sharpens your memory, improves your mood, helps you concentrate and focus, and improves the neurotransmission in your brain to keep you alert and active.

This it does with the numerous vitamins, anti-oxidants, and amino acid that make up its high nutrient content. Besides, Moringa is also an excellent promoter of heart health.

Well, you are bound to get an extremely effective formula for fantastically enhanced brainpower. Hence, clubbing these soft gel capsules with Moringa supplements is likely to give your brain and heart a healthy boost.