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Good is more than just a lazy state of nothingness.Good has to be more energetic and more moving than the opposing force,if it’s going to overcome.

The ocean is beautiful, yet terrifying,. it is mysterious, yet predictable. the ocean is like a tragic story. like humans, it keeps kissing the shore, no matter how much time it got sent away. like humans, it is often blamed for something that isn’t even it’s fault. do you ever think if maybe the ocean was tired of sinking boats it didn’t want to sink? do you ever wonder if maybe the ocean didn’t mean to get so worked up when the storm sent drizzles of insults upon insults at him? and some humans sometimes still blame the ocean, ask why, curse it, when it’s really the storm’s doing.

Anivel Aiden

A solitary boat, overcome by this sea of love, thick with life.