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The Japanese whaling fleet were caught red-handed slaughtering whales in the Australian Whale sanctuary. The Australian Government has done nothing but express ‘disappointment’. We want action for the whales and need your help today!

Operation Nemesis is Sea Shepherd’s 11th Antarctic whale defence campaign. Two Sea Shepherd vessels, the Ocean Warrior and the Steve Irwin, departed from Australia the first week of December carrying 51 crew members from eight countries. Our goal is to prevent the Japanese fleet from killing their quota of 333 protected minke whales. Sea Shepherd is currently all that stands between the whales and the harpoons. 

We are doing our best and we are doing the job that the Australian government promised they would do and we should not be there alone. 

The whales need your urgent help now.

Please join us in calling for the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, to take action against the illegal slaughter in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

Thanks for supporting the campaign.Together we can win, for the whales! Now multiply your impact by sharing with your friends!

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