1. Start With Some Raw Protein
Raw proteins have an advantage to other types of protein for a couple reasons. Since they’re less processed and not as acidic as heated proteins, they can help treat or prevent inflammation, along with make the protein healthier for your body to absorb. Since we don’t benefit from things we don’t digest well, consuming a raw source of protein our bodies can easily use and absorb, will in turn provide us with the very benefits from protein we’re looking to get.
Good sources of easy-to-digest raw protein include: raw hemp seeds or raw hemp protein powder (see why it’s the best for a variety of people), chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sprouted brown rice protein powder, raw vegan protein blends, raw pea protein (buy organic and non-GMO), and raw sacha inchi seed protein. These are all some of the highest forms of protein you can use in a shake or smoothie and are options that are complete proteins, containing all essential amino acids. They’re also 100 percent cholesterol-free sources of protein as another benefit.