Saved from the dinner table: Terrified canines crammed into cages and destined for restaurants are rescued in China ahead of barbaric annual ‘dog meat festival’

What are they thinking over there?

Animal protection organisation Humane Society International (HSI) confirmed the rescue to MailOnline and called it ‘an amazing operation dealing a heavy blow to the city’s dog and cat meat traders’.
The organisation said China has the largest and most extensive dog meat business in the world.
In the last few weeks alone, HSI has seen hundreds of dogs saved throughout the country by the organisation’s local partners.
Wendy Higgins, the Director of International Media from HSI, told MailOnline: ‘Typically, our activists find terrified and exhausted dogs on board these trucks, including many pure breeds still wearing their pet collars, clearly someone’s stolen companion.’
She added: ‘Dogs are snatched from the streets, crammed violently into tiny wire cages, packed on trucks and driven days or weeks across China without water or food, before reaching the slaughterhouse where they are beaten to death in front of each other. 
‘It’s animal abuse on a massive scale and it has to stop.’