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Ban the use of barbed wire below 1 metre from the ground


Every year thousands of animals are injured from BARBED WIRE. These include domestic pets and wild animals. There is no reason to run barbed wire below a metre from the ground and it needs to be removed when broken or not needed.

I care about my domestic pets, wild animals and human beings. It is quite barbaric to leave hazards such as barbed wire a metre from the ground where innocent animals lives are put at risk.

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Ban the Use of Barbed Wire in the Countryside

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

This method of fencing is harmful to animals and humans alike. It’s sole intention is to cause pain or injury in order to contain livestock but unsuspecting wildlife are often harmed on fencing or old rusty discarded wire left lying around. Once injured they will often die slow painful deaths. It is also often used on stiles and can scratch or cut anyone legally using it. It is time it was banned as there are many perfectly reliable alternatives available nowadays.