#CetaTalk 🌊Atlantean Dolphins are not Human Toys

The problem is that the slaughter of the Taiji dolphins is now being viewed as secondary to the “big money making” side-line” to the supply of Atlanteans to the aqua-circus. Which is why the public need to STOP visiting dolphin & whale shows. http://www.theperfectpairdolphintrilogy.com

Don’t buy a Ticket please.We need to refrain from going to Marine parks that destroy dolphin families and leave baby dolphins crying for their Mothers while in Taiji,Japan, Japanese cut throat cartel thugs ravage them for chinese circuses,where mentally challenged humans lust for fun.

The #truth will always find a way A tank never present them with any challenges or changes. #Cetaceans trapped in empty #concrete boxes https://www.theperfectpairdolphintrilogy.com/gallery-of-reviews-posters.html @Catlord568 pbs.twimg.com/media/E9ZWX1QX0AYDr8X.png